Brief Thought #40


Sometimes I become entranced, mesmerized, by the shapes of our words on the page, the shape seen from a distance from which the words are no more than gray smudges, as if there is more to learned from the void space left over after everything that was to be said was said. I fantasize that if I had a proper hearing, a hearing that heard the silence surrounding the drone of everyone’s finely worded opinions, maybe here I would find the answers to those important questions, the longings of my soul that resist my words. Who knows who I could meet there – maybe you for the first time … maybe God finally unchained of my words, my theologies?


2 Responses to “Brief Thought #40”

  1. 1 ben

    Wow! This made me almost not breathe. I want to wonder who every person really looks like if I peal away the fine print and see past the scribbled reality to truth. And God?…..

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